Portraits - Pricing

You may wish to choose a "Folio" album, or a "Queensberry" photo book telling the story of the whole shoot, and then simply frame your favourite images singly.

Depending on how many people are being photographed, our portrait session should last for up to about 2 hours. It takes a while longer to photograph an errant toddler than a gorgeous 16 year old wanting to be a model!

Once I have edited the pictures, I will then show the images to you in a display at my studio for you to choose and we can discuss framing possibilities. It is so important to get the framing right, because it can turn a unique image into a unique piece of art, just for you. You may also want to have your pictures in a beautiful album. Please view the range of frames, canvases and acrylics in the Display choices gallery.

The Sitting Fee is £450.00. What do I GET for the fee - are there any hidden extras?

  • The above fee is for one family with up to 2 children. Individual photographs are taken of each child; family groups of the children altogether, and with the parents, are also included in this price. It can also be up to four children without the parents.

Sittings for a family with more than 2 children are charged at £45.00 per extra individual - so a family with 3 children ie of 5 costs £445.00. However, if the sitting is without parents, this will remain as the cost of a family of 3 ie £450.00

  • Parents requesting joint or individual portraits of themselves will be charged £45.00

For example: For a family of 4 who wanted one individual portrait taken of the mother, your package would cost:

  • £450.00 (Fee for a family of 4)
  • £ 45.00 (mother's portrait)

This does include one framed enlargement up to 16x12" in size but this must be ordered within 6 weeks of the photo shoot to be free. 

Expenses are Mileage at 65p/mile if I have come to your home.

All photographs will be viewable from my website afterwards and/or you can come to me for a slide show so you can view your pictures in a larger format.  Once you have made your choice, I will then do a final edit of your pictures.