Weddings - What To Expect

"Tiddy took all the photographs at my daughter's wedding and she was in the right place at the right time; the pictures were funny, poignant, emotional, and she managed to get just about everyone in at least one shot. I really loved the composition and light she managed to achieve - magical. To anyone thinking of getting a photographer use Tiddy - not only do you get great photographs, you get Tiddys' humour and the whole experience is one of joy." - Stephanie Everard Dunning February 2013

Your wedding is a huge day for you and your family and choosing a photographer that will document all the precious moments is a very important decision. So much thought has gone into all the tiny details, your photographer should be able to capture all of this, put everyone at their ease, be invisible and unobtrusive at certain moments and visible when things need organizing.

I regard a wedding as a wonderful news story – it’s emotional, dramatic, beautiful, important. I will not spend a lot of time lining up endless relatives for boring “grip and grins” that no one ever looks at on your mantelpiece but will make sure you have a balance of fun, and natural pictures with a few formal images that your relatives may feel they need!

After you have seen the images in a slide show, we will discuss albums and framing. You will be able to access your pictures at an online gallery and your guests able to buy prints from there.