Commercial & Editorial - Pricing

If necessary, I will bring my mini studio to the office and set up to cause minimal disruption to your employees and the working day. Once the job is done, you can either view your images in an online gallery on my website or I can give you a low resolution  disc for everyone to choose their pictures from. Then I will edit the pictures for their final usage. A disc will then be made available with full resolution images for the use by the company if this is needed.

I will advise with decisions on framing.

Prices are from £400.00 for the first three hours and after that £750.00 for the whole day, with expenses like travel – at 60p/mile and the cost of an  initial CD to view the images ( £25.00) to be added on. These will be low resolution images to choose from. The final full resolution disc, if you want to keep it, will be £200.00. The copyright will remain with me. If the event is in the evening or the weekend, the fee will increase by 15%